Which franchise to open in 2023 on a small budget?

which franchise to open in 2023 on a small budget

Good news: opening a franchise it’s possible with little money! Some business sectors and concepts require low initial investment, making them accessible to smaller budgets. Here are a few business ideas for a small budget.

What to invest 10,000 euros in Real estate, home cooking, personal or business services, discover the sectors and profitable franchise networks that require less than €20,000 in personal investment.

In recent years, a number of franchises have positioned themselves in the home kitchen business. This is particularly true of brands such as Raison Home and Cuisine Venidom.

Each franchisee has a fully-equipped truck that serves as a nomadic showroom. This enables him to visit the customer’s premises and present samples and kitchen layouts, and take measurements. He then places orders with his subcontractors, who carry out the work.

Opening a mobile boutique requires no stock, no employees and no premises, making it a high-performance business model that requires very little initial investment. The Raison Home brand, for example, requires only 12,000 euros in capital outlay, for a total investment of 50,000 euros. The Cuisines Venidom franchise network requires a 17,500-euro down payment for a 100,000-euro investment.

When it comes to starting a business with little money, the real estate sector is the obvious choice. Many brands are expanding through a network of independent real estate agents (123Webimmo, Guy Hoquet, La Forêt). In many cases, this activity does not require a physical sales outlet, which significantly reduces the initial investment.

This is the case, for example, with 123webimmo. com, which requires its franchisees to start their business without premises. The brand then supports them in developing their web presence (website, social networks). This franchise requires a personal contribution of 15,000 euros, for a total investment of 30,000 euros.

Job brokerage firms are in the business of finding the most qualified companies to carry out their customers’ work projects. Initial investment is relatively low, as this business requires no premises, no stock and no employees. All the contractor needs is a good address book of suppliers and workers to coordinate a project.

Franchise networks such as IlliCO travaux and Activ Travaux are positioning themselves in this sector. The first requires a contribution of 15,000 euros for an investment of 60,000 euros. The second requires a contribution of 8,000 euros and an investment of 40,000 euros.

Human services professions often require little initial investment. In fact, these activities require no stock, no premises or point of sale, and little equipment. However, a certain amount of cash is still needed to pay staff salaries.

The La Main tendue brand, for example, which offers a home help service for the elderly, requires only 18,000 euros in capital outlay for a total investment of 55,000 euros.

The same applies to franchises in the business services sector, which often require no premises at all. In this market, we come across brands such as GCL Experts-Gestion, a network of independent consultants specializing in business management.

This franchise requires just 5,000 euros in capital outlay for a total investment of 28,000 euros. This is also the case for Litha Espresso, a specialist in corporate coffee breaks (5,000 euros in capital outlay, 30,000 euros investment) and Tempeos, the decentralized works council (5,900 euros capital outlay, 10,000 euros total investment).

Some automotive businesses, such as intermediation or vehicle washing, require little initial investment. Car intermediation agencies operate in the same way as real estate agents.

They don’t buy used vehicles, but simply display them and promote the ads on the Internet. It is then up to the franchisee to supervise the sale, for which he receives a commission. Brands like Simplicicar (20,000 euros in capital outlay, 50,000 euros investment) are experts in this field.

Vehicle washing and detailing, generally carried out at home or directly by professionals, require little investment. Franchises in this niche include X’Pert Impact, a dent removal specialist. The brand’s DNA is to be able to intervene in all garages, dealerships, hail yards… to save downtime and therefore money for their BtoB customers. To open an X’pert Impact outlet, you only need to contribute 10,000 euros for an investment of 36,500 euros.

In the carwash market, there’s a brand to suit every budget. Opératon Laveur specializes in ecological vehicle cleaning. To open such a business, all you need is a 2,000-euro personal contribution for a total investment of just 6,000 euros.

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