Entrepreneurs: from the moment they imagined setting up their own business, all of them began designing their project. Everyone had billions of questions. All have been looking for the best business model. But very few have thought of joining a franchise network. And with good reason: the franchise sector is still little-known, and sometimes suffers from a lack of awareness. And yet, this model meets the ambitions of many entrepreneurs who are unaware of it. As for the most experienced project owners, who already know they want to join a network, they too have difficulty finding their way around and finding the perfect franchisor. Franchise applicants can’t find their way around a few specialized platforms that look like telephone directories, and franchisors can’t stand out from the crowd.

Faced with this reality, the founders of l’Express Franchise wanted to play their part in the success of a sector extremely rich in opportunities, and set out to find superb brands ready to join them in a small revolution in the franchising experience. Their ambition: to put the unique aspect of each franchisor in the spotlight, and offer every entrepreneur the chance to discover this little-known side of their business. Yes, setting up a franchise is also embarking on a great entrepreneurial adventure. To help these players navigate the not-so-obscure world of franchising, L’Express Franchise has decided to act as their guide. As a networking platform, we bring together franchisors and prospective franchisees. As an inspiring medium, we offer intelligent, hard-hitting dedicated content on the themes of entrepreneurship, franchising and the world of work in general.

So, whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned entrepreneur, a retraining executive, a franchisor, a franchisee or a prospective franchisee… L’Express Franchise is there for you.

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