Street food franchises reinvent fast food

Fastfood in Europa: franchisetrends

In 2023, the street food sector is reinventing itself to offer a revisited, high-quality offering. Street food franchises are playing the game and trying to make a difference.

In an interview with RMC, Bernard Boutboul, Chairman of Gira Conseil, stated that junk food is on the decline in France. Indeed, he notes that traditional fast-food outlets are gradually disappearing in favor of better-quality, even upscale street food. According to him, of the 35,000 fast-food outlets in France, only 2,000 to 3,000 are considered traditional fast-food outlets (Mc Do, Burger King or local kebab shops).

Street food no longer rhymes with junk food

Today, street food is changing and moving upmarket. Local, homemade and seasonal, the brands in this sector give pride of place to the product and ensure its quality. The result is a host of reinvented fast-food concepts, some initiated by Michelin-starred chefs. These include Olivier Bellin, who creates the menu for Mersea restaurants, and Laurent Leval, who works with Gyros.

The burger sector, meanwhile, is extremely busy, with many restaurants positioning themselves on superior quality and a premium product. No longer content with a lukewarm, stale burger, chains are vying with each other to come up with original, gourmet recipes.

Street food: What franchises are available in this sector?

Each concept adds its own touch to set its product apart from the traditional offering. Most brands focus on product quality and freshness, with an emphasis on French know-how, such as Les Burgers de Lucien or Bchef. Others, like The Roster, Novettino or Black & White Burger, which take particular care with the aesthetics of their burgers, and Green Bagel Café, which offers a warm atmosphere, add a social and event dimension to their product and offer a real experience.

The premium trend extends beyond burgers to all the leading street food products, from kebabs (Berliner Das Original), tacos (New School Tacos), to hot dogs (Franks Hot dog), all specialties are reinventing themselves to offer a quality product that stands out from the traditional offering.

Some, such as Lobsta (lobsta rolls) or Mersea (fish burgers), position themselves squarely in a niche market, offering only seafood recipes. The latter adds an eco-responsible dimension to its offering by carefully selecting local, seasonal produce.

Finally, to differentiate themselves and gain market share in an already highly competitive market, some street food players are looking beyond our borders for inspiration. Berliner Das Original owes its concept to Berlin’s famous kebab, while Lobsta takes its succulent lobsta roll directly from North America. Novettino, for its part, uses Italian focaccia recipes. Finally, Street Bangkok and My Little Warung have gone all the way to Asia to bring their recipes to French consumers.

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