Franchise success stories in Spain

Het franchiselandschap in Spanje

In the world of franchising, Spain has several outstanding success stories.

From the innovative Kids&Us chain of English language schools, to the 100 Montaditos culinary empire, which we have already told you about, and the frozen yogurt chain Llaollao, these businesses have shown remarkable growth and resilience. In this article, we will take a closer look at their trajectories and discover the keys to the success stories of franchises in Spain.

The birth of an idea

Kids&Us was born from the hand of Natàlia Perarnau, whose passion for English and teaching led her to open her first language school in Manresa. Although initially focused on adults and adolescents, she soon realized that traditional methods were not giving her the expected results. Soon after becoming a mother, Perarnau began experimenting with teaching English to very young children. So, inspired by the ease with which her own daughter learned the language, she came up with the Kids&Us method.

The Kids&Us method

In 2003, taking advantage of this innovative approach she had discovered with her daughter, Kids&Us was officially born.. The method focuses on teaching English to children from one year of age by imitating the natural process of language acquisition.. Thanks to their effort and dedication, their unique approach proved to be very effective and the first franchise was opened in 2007.

Rapid expansion thanks to a quality method

By 2019, Kids&Us had already expanded to more than four hundred centers in countries such as Andorra, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico, Morocco and Japan. Moreover, the franchise model has allowed the company to maintain quality and consistency while growing rapidly. Today, Kids&Us serves thousands of students and continues to grow.

Challenges and triumphs: why is it one of Spain’s franchise success stories?

The trip was not without its challenges. The 2008 financial crisis tested the business, but Perarnau’s resilience and innovative solutions, such as the introduction of summer camps, kept the company afloat. In fact, the company’s dedication to quality and continuous improvement has cemented its reputation as a leader in language training.

Humble beginnings

100 Montaditos was founded by José María Fernández Capitán in 2000 in Islantilla, a small coastal town in Huelva. With modest premises of nineteen square meters, Fernández Capitán introduced the concept of offering one hundred varieties of montaditos at affordable prices.

Franchising for growth: why it is one of Spain’s franchising success stories

The key to 100 Montaditos’ success was its commitment to franchising. As a result, the simple but attractive concept attracted numerous franchisees. In 2003, the chain expanded beyond Andalusia and opened its first establishment in Madrid. But the success continued and they haven’t stopped since. By the following year, they already had more than twenty establishments throughout Spain.

Innovative marketing

One of the crucial moments for 100 Montaditos was the introduction of “Euromania” during the economic recession in Spain. With this offer, they offered most products at one euro every Wednesday. In this way, this strategy boosted sales and customer loyalty in difficult times. The brand’s ability to adapt and innovate has kept it thriving!

Today, 100 Montaditos is part of the Restalia Group, which also includes La Sureña and The Good Burger. Thanks to its success, the brand operates in eleven countries and continues to grow by introducing new concepts that diversify its offerings.

Foundation and growth

Llaollao’s story begins in Murcia, Spain, with Pedro Espinosa Martínez, who grew up immersed in his family’s ice cream business. This early contact instilled in him the commitment to quality and excellence that now defines Llaollao.

However, although Pedro is often seen as the face of the brand, it was actually founded by Pedro and his parents, and every member of the family plays a crucial role in the company! Pedro Espinosa Párraga, Pedro’s father, was in charge of strategic decisions, Pedro focused on brand image and representation, and his mother, Yolanda Martínez Sirvent, oversaw brand protection and store design.

The product: the key to success

Llaollao’s unique offering, a creamy, fresh yogurt, not only distinguished it from traditional ice cream, but also appealed to health-conscious consumers. Pedro describes his product as “Llaollao frozen yogurt” and emphasizes its distinctiveness from ice cream. Thus, this innovative and attractive product quickly became a hit with consumers.

From the first store to one of Spain’s franchise success stories

Initially, Pedro and his family planned to open only a few stores managed by themselves. However, customer demand for franchises made them reconsider. In fact, despite having no website or operating manual, they saw the potential of franchising as a means to expand rapidly. In 2010, Llaollao began franchising and opened its first franchise in Gandía. The model was successful and new stores were quickly opened in Madrid and Valencia. By the end of 2010, just one year after the launch of its first store, Llaollao had nine franchises.

International expansion

But they didn’t stop there. Llaollao’s international journey began in 2011 with stores in Lisbon, Portugal, and Casablanca, Morocco. By entering foreign markets early, they took advantage of the momentum of their domestic growth. This strategy paid off and, by 2013, Llaollao had already expanded to Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Chile, Venezuela and Belgium. What’s more, they have now included new markets such as the United States, Myanmar, Vietnam and Ecuador and have hundreds of stores around the world.

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