4 sectors to open a franchise in 2024

4 sectors to open a franchise in 2024

A new year begins, and with it the promise of major projects for future entrepreneurs. Some have already come a long way and know that 2024 will be the year they open their franchise. Here are 4 business ideas for opening a franchise in 2024.

In what areas is franchising expanding? What sector of activity should you choose to start your own business? Which franchise is the most profitable? Which franchise to open in 2024? This year, certain sectors seem particularly attractive, and promise to be buoyant in terms of sales. Here are the top franchised sectors in 2024.

The year 2024 will see the introduction of Ma Prime Adapt’. This financial aid is designed to facilitate home adaptation for people suffering from loss of autonomy or disability. Managed by the Agence nationale de l’habitat (ANAH), it is due to come into force on Monday January 1, 2024. This government offer popularized the adaptation market in France, naturally increasing demand. It represents a great opportunity for all players in the furnishings market. Franchise networks such as DOMetVIE and Mobilaug are gearing up to meet this demand.

Created in 2012,
is the first franchise network dedicated to home adaptation for seniors and PRMs, enabling them to stay in their own homes as long as possible in complete safety and comfort. The brand now has 60 sales outlets. To open a DOMetVIE branch, future franchisees wishing to start their own business must have a minimum personal contribution of 30,000 euros, for a total investment of 80,000 euros. will benefit from initial training and the transmission of the brand’s know-how.

MOBILAUG®Since 2015, this service has been helping to break down social isolation, enabling any person with reduced mobility, whether senior or disabled, to feel at home again, regain access to all the rooms in their home and live a normal family life. To sign a franchise agreement with Mobilaug, prospective franchisees must bring in a minimum of 25,000 euros for an initial investment of 74,000 euros. In exchange for initial training and the transmission of know-how, the future franchisee must pay an entry fee of 20,000 euros and flat-rate royalties.

In France’s constantly evolving banking, regulatory and legal environment, the role of the professional broker is emerging as a business of the future. By facilitating access to financing for companies, these experts contribute to the country’s economic development and support managers in their strategic decision-making.

Among the players in this sector are
dedicated to all entrepreneurs, whatever their projects or the size of their business. Since 2009, the network has helped more than 14,600 business owners obtain nearly 4 billion in loans, thanks to contacts with more than 100 brokers in mainland France and French overseas departments and territories. To become a CrediPro franchisee, you need a minimum personal contribution of 25,000 euros, for an investment of 50 to 80,000 euros.

On its side,
is a national network of experts dedicated to financing professionals. Founded in 2006, the company initially developed a solution to help franchise networks find financing, before expanding to all types of independent professionals and franchisees. To sign a franchise agreement with Pretpro.fr, project sponsors must contribute at least €15,000 towards a total investment of €25,000.

The Climate and Resilience Act passed in August 2021, sounded the death knell for thermal flophouses and other energy-guzzling buildings to achieve a carbon-neutral target by 2025. One of the major areas of focus of this law is real estate, and the government has strengthened the arsenal aimed at reducing building consumption. Encouraged by zero-interest eco-loans, subsidies and bonuses such as MaPrimeRénov’, landlords and private individuals are embarking on comprehensive renovation projects that include an energy component. A boon for the construction industry and its players.

These professionals include
a brand 100% dedicated to the single-family home exterior insulation market. Founded in 2014, the brand has been expanding as a franchisee since 2017 and now has 15 locations in France. To open a Uniso franchise, the entrepreneur needs to bring in 70,000 euros for an investment of 100,000 euros.

Thermal renovation represents a real opportunity
Camif Habitat
has seized since the adoption of the new regulations in 2021. Since then, the company has been training its franchisees to carry out energy audits, which are now mandatory before the sale of an F-rated home. To sign a franchise agreement with Camif Habitat, the entrepreneur must contribute between €15,000 and €20,000, for a total investment of €60,000.

Buoyed by changes in society and inflation, the second-hand market in France is booming. By 2021, this sector will account for sales of €9 billion. And the figures will continue to soar, with Xerfi estimating that the sector will be worth 10 billion euros by 2025.

This is good news for long-established chains such as
Easy Cash
whose outlets posted sales of 1.9 million euros, up 20% on three or four years ago. To join the brand, new franchisees must have a minimum personal contribution of 150,000 euros, for an initial investment of 650,000 euros.

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