Why open a coin laundry?

Waarom een wasserette openen?

Is it profitable to open a laundromat? What is the budget required? Which franchise networks should I invest in? We tell you everything you need to know before opening a laundromat franchise.

Coin-operated laundries are still quite successful, and the market is still evolving. The majority of households are now equipped with a washing machine, but demand remains high, especially for many French people who don’t have enough living space. For others, this service saves time and money, as it enables them to wash and dry a larger volume of laundry at a relatively low cost.

The profitability of a laundromat depends almost entirely on its location, but also on the number of machines available, seasonality and prices charged. The premises must therefore be well placed and visible, in a neighborhood with a sufficient number of inhabitants. In addition, the facility must be at least 800 meters from another laundromat.

Depending on location and the number of washers and dryers available, sales can quickly reach 35,000 euros in the first year (based on an average of 20 to 25 wash cycles per day at 4 euros per wash). After 5 years, this activity and sales can double.

Opening a self-service laundromat is a profitable business that’s easy to get started. No special training is required, and installations can easily be managed remotely. The initial investment when setting up the business varies between 50,000 and 100,000 euros, depending on the price of the equipment, the number of machines, the price of the services offered and the rent.

It’s also a very labor-saving activity: a single person can take care of the upkeep of the premises and maintenance of the machines. Some self-service laundromat concepts also offer ancillary services (ironing, alterations, parcel relays, etc.), depending on the customer’s needs, which add to the sales of the outlet.

In the self-service laundry and dry-cleaning sector, there’s a turnkey concept that comes close to franchising, but without the drawbacks. Many players in the sector are promoting their “franchise-free” concept.

This model requires no royalties, which considerably reduces the initial investment and therefore the personal contribution required. However, the project owner benefits from the brand’s reputation, as well as tailor-made support to help him build his business plan and find his catchment area. Machine maintenance is also facilitated by the partner, who provides the parts and equipment needed for repairs.

Many laundromat chains offer this type of “franchise-free” support.

Create a Wash’N Dry

Wash’N Dry is a “franchise-free” coin laundry concept that stands out for its modernity and pleasant atmosphere. It offers state-of-the-art washing machines and relaxation areas for customers. The initial investment cost for opening a Wash’N Dry laundromat can vary, but is generally between €80,000 and €150,000, with no entry fee.

Wash’N Dry offers comprehensive training in laundry management and customer service, as well as a market study to determine the profitability of the catchment area. It also provides entrepreneurs with marketing tools to help them promote their business.

Buy a Speed Queen

Speed Queen is one of France’s best-known and most widespread laundromat brands. It offers a range of high-quality washing machines and dryers renowned for their durability and efficiency. The initial investment cost to open a Speed Queen laundromat is generally between €150,000 and €300,000, again without the entry fee.

The brand offers comprehensive training for entrepreneurs, covering laundry management, equipment maintenance and marketing.

Very much in vogue in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the wash-bar or café-laverie concept is one of the most successful new businesses to have entered the French market in the last ten years, thanks to the initiative of a few isolated entrepreneurs in the west and north of the country. The idea is to transform domestic drudgery into a moment of relaxation and sociability.

In France, this concept is not yet widely developed through franchising, unlike in Belgium where the Wasbar network, for example, is very popular. It allows customers to enjoy lunch or coffee in a convivial setting, while waiting for their wash cycle to finish. A network that could one day cross the border into France.

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