The thriving health and wellness franchise sector in Belgium

De bloeiende gezondheids- en welzijnsfranchise sector in België

The health and wellness sector in Belgium is experiencing remarkable growth, fueled by an increasing focus on healthy living and self-care.

This booming sector offers lucrative opportunities for franchise businesses, with several prominent brands capitalizing on market trends to achieve success. In this article, we explore the dynamics of health and wellness franchises in Belgium, focusing on key data, trends and successful franchise examples.

The health and wellness sector in Belgium has experienced significant expansion in recent years. According to recent data, there are currently more than 800 health and wellness franchise stores operating in the country, ranging from fitness centers and yoga studios to wellness spas and diet consulting firms. This growth is driven by a changing lifestyle of consumers, who are placing increasing importance on health and wellness. In addition to quantitative growth, there has also been a qualitative improvement in the services offered, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Preventive health care

There is a clear shift toward preventive health care, with consumers proactively investing in their health to avoid future medical costs. Franchises are capitalizing on this by offering affordable and accessible health solutions. This approach has led to increased engagement with clients, who are looking for ways to improve their overall health before problems arise. It also encourages wider adoption of health-related products and services.

Digitization and technology

Technology plays a crucial role in the modernization of the health and wellness sector. Franchises such as Bodytech offer EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) training, using advanced technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness of workouts. In addition, more and more apps and wearables are available that allow users to track their health statistics and receive personalized advice. These technological advances make it easier for consumers to monitor their health and make improvements based on real-time data.

Holistic approach

More and more consumers are seeking holistic approaches to their well-being, focusing on both physical and mental health. This has led to the rise of franchises such as Yoga Room, which offer comprehensive programs for both body and mind. Recognizing that health is more than just physical fitness, this holistic approach also focuses on mental peace and emotional well-being. This encourages clients to adopt a more balanced lifestyle, contributing to their overall well-being.


Basic-Fit is a leading fitness franchise focused on accessibility and affordability. With more than 200 locations in Belgium, Basic-Fit offers a range of fitness facilities and group classes, supported by a strong online presence and technological integrations such as the Basic-Fit app, which offers personalized workout schedules and nutritional advice. Basic-Fit’s strategy of offering high-quality facilities at low cost has helped them attract a wide range of customers, from students to professionals and seniors.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers, a globally known franchise, has successfully adapted to the Belgian market by offering programs that fit local dietary habits and preferences. With a focus on sustainable weight management and strong community support, Weight Watchers has built a solid reputation in Belgium. The combination of science-based methods and a supportive community makes it easier for participants to achieve and maintain their weight goals, resulting in high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher, a well-known name in the beauty and wellness industry, offers natural and eco-friendly beauty products and treatments. Their franchises in Belgium benefit from a growing demand for sustainable and ethical products, which helps them build a loyal customer base. Yves Rocher stands out for its use of plant-based ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, which aligns with the values of environmentally conscious consumers looking for alternatives to conventional beauty products.

The future of health and wellness franchises in Belgium looks promising, with growing demand for healthy lifestyle options. The unique selling points of successful franchises, such as accessibility, technology and holistic approaches, position them well for further expansion. In addition, increasing awareness of the importance of health and wellness provides a stable base of potential customers.

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