The advantages of joining a young franchise network

23 August 2023

Joining a young network enables the first franchisees to participate in the evolution of the concept and to co-construct an entrepreneurial adventure. Among other advantages, prospective franchisees are spoilt for choice when it comes to geographic location. It’s also often easier to negotiate the terms of a franchise contract.

Young networks sometimes have difficulty attracting candidates- the pioneers, as they’re called. Some networks are sharpening their arguments to seduce the most curious and make them want to write a shared story. The Door-In networkwhich already has two franchises in France (one in Saint Cloud in the Hauts de Seine since April 2023, and one in Haute-Savoie opened at the end of 2022), is banking on a very human integration process, and the possibility of obtaining a larger territorial area than a network that already has 100 or 200 units. “The advantages are largely based on internal opportunities in terms of geographical area. We’re also going to create a privileged relationship, in direct contact with the founder, and personalized in the support and assistance we can offer”., explains Alexandre Préclaire, sales manager for the network, which plans to recruit between 5 and 10 franchisees by the end of the year.

For this young brand created in 2019, its appeal also lies in its concept – a platform dedicated to property management – and what it can bring to the market. Its aim is to improve the quality of life in our buildings. “We’re determined to change the face of the property management market, to make it more agile. We enable entrepreneurs to launch their businesses without the heavy investment required to acquire premises or business software. They can start concluding mandates and managing a portfolio of condominiums, very simply, from a laptop and a telephone”, reports Alexandre Préclaire. Another major advantage is the ease with which it can be deployed. Franchisees don’t have to worry about recruiting accountants or lawyers to anticipate their development and take on mandates. In fact, it’s the network that absorbs these plateau effects, through a simple pooling effect between franchisees. Thanks to this concept, the manager is freed from time-consuming administrative tasks and can devote more time to his co-owners.

Greater room for manoeuvre

While a young network offers franchisees greater flexibility, it also makes it possible to take part in developing the concept, improving certain services and co-constructing the network’s strategy. “Our franchisees have asked us to develop rental management. We had planned to launch this service. In view of the demand, we have accelerated this launch to early 2023.”, says Alexandre Préclaire.

There may be another interest, this time economic. It’s much easier to negotiate the terms of a franchise agreement with a young network than with a well-established one. Whether it’s a question of entry fees, services or training, first-time applicants benefit from greater leeway. Door-In offers an attractive entry fee of 10,000 euros, which is subject to change. “These entry fees include training and the implementation of marketing and communication initiatives, ” adds the sales manager.

Focus on support and assistance

Rather than trying to obtain advantageous financial conditions , Julien Siouffi, head of Franchise Board, which supports around a hundred start-up networks a year, advises applicants to focus on the support and assistance offered. “Franchising is a win-win deal. Rather than negotiating financial advantages and entering into a power struggle that could drag the network down, you need to ally yourself with the franchisor and focus on the level of service offered. This can take the form of additional training for on-site teams, reservation rights in related areas, more frequent assistance, or even a reinforced communication package when the outlet is launched”, says the expert.

Another point to bear in mind: it’s vital to have analyzed the franchisor’s accounts. What’s important is to see if there’s a possibility of profitability, to assess the relationship between the amount of the investment and the income you’re going to make from it.. “The presupposition is to access the figures and check that the pilot site, or the branch units that have already been opened, are convincing”., confides Julien Siouffi. So we need to contact or visit these pilot establishments, delve into their accounts and results, and look at the sales figures for the first two or three years. “In principle, the franchisor must indicate the results achieved by all sales outlets and branches, particularly in the pre-contractual information document”, insists the expert . The franchisor’s career path is also important. “The franchisor’s experience, know-how and fine-tuning are the essence of value. It’s important to consider how the franchisor will manage his new business and support the development of his network. Feelings, affinities and trust between the head of the network and the franchisee play an essential role in creating a solid basis for collaboration”, confesses Julien Siouffi. In short, listen to your heart while checking the figures.


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