Management: 4 tips from parents for good managers

management tips

Becoming a franchisee also means becoming a manager. Far from being frightening, this role can unfold wonderfully, especially if you call on a practice you know well: that of parenting.

Because managing a team is first and foremost managing people, why not replicate what you already know? Here are 4 tips from parents on how to become a better manager.

Management tip no. 1: Careful integration

The arrival of a new member of the professional family encourages you to show investment and flexibility. When someone decides to join your team, don’t forget that they always have the option of leaving, especially during their probationary period.

It’s up to you to make her feel at home as quickly as possible. To prepare for her integration, rely on the onboarding practices presented in numerous books. You should also check with your franchisor, as there may already be an integration plan in place.

Management tip no. 2: Set a good example

This advice, very popular with parents, also applies to managers. If you’re late for every meeting, don’t expect your team to be particularly punctual. At meetings, as elsewhere, it’s up to you to show an exemplary attitude. Keep in mind the mantra “don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like them to do to you” and use it to your advantage.

At the same time, your role as franchise manager is unique. You’ll work hard during your first year, averaging 80 hours for a fluctuating and generally quite low income. If you’re expected to take the pressure and put your heart into your work, you can’t expect the same of your employees.

Management tip no. 3: Be flexible

If there’s one quality that many parents possess, it’s resilience. From an early age, children challenge our principles and habits, showing us that there’s more to life than just one way of doing things.

Keep an open mind as a manager: just because your employees go at different speeds or take different directions to accomplish a task doesn’t mean they’re doing any less well. Likewise, have faith in your colleagues and learn to delegate. It’s one of the best signs of trust, and a great way to encourage them to improve.

Management tip no. 4: embody your role

The balance between gentleness and authority doesn’t just apply at home. An elusive manager is like a permissive parent: it’s convenient at the time, but nobody learns anything. When you witness internal conflicts, when you notice an error in an assignment, when you are made aware of a major shortcoming, it’s essential to react.

Avoid the model of the scary patriarch, think instead of the mother’s dark, calming gaze. Force or fear are bad advisers. It’s wiser to take a tone that reflects you, while getting your message across in a way that will be heard.

Basically, being a parent is like being a manager: you can’t improvise, and you have to learn day by day. You can’t anticipate everything, but the right advisors and resources can help you navigate this new world. Take advantage of the ones you’ll find here, and turn to your franchisor, who is sure to have described several useful processes in his operating manual.

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