Low-cost franchise opportunities in Italy

Een franchise openen in België: 5 netwerken om lid van te worden

Franchising is an increasingly attractive option for entrepreneurs. In fact, it is possible to open a new store even if you do not have substantial capital.

In this article, we will explore the best low-cost franchise opportunities in Italy, thus demonstrating the diversity and accessibility of this formula.

Franchising is a business partnership model in which one entrepreneur, called a franchisor, grants another entrepreneur, called a franchisee, the right to use its brand, products and know-how in exchange for a fee.

This formula allows a business to be launched under an established brand, with ongoing support, assistance in marketing, and minimal, sometimes almost no, financial risk. Therefore, it is perfectly suited to the needs of beginning entrepreneurs.

However, in order to locate inexpensive franchises that allow you to put all your energy into them, gaining satisfaction from the very beginning of your business, it is essential to carefully evaluate the various offerings available on the market.

Are you looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity that does not require a high initial outlay? Let’s find out together the features and requirements of ten low-cost franchises available in Italy in various sectors: from e-mobility to catering.

Bike Boom

BikeBoom is a franchise active in sustainable mobility that presents two no-cost membership offerings.

The first, Bike Boom Sharing, requires mandatory municipal license or establishment of a private “sharing point” with at least 4 vehicles with free entry fee and app cost and royalties at 10 percent.

The second is Rent Point Bikeboom, the e-bike, e-mtb and electric scooter rental service with 10 percent royalties, free for the first 100 Rent Points.

Elerent Sharing

Another economic opportunity not to be missed in the electric mobility sector is Elerent Sharing, a brand with more than 60 affiliated outlets and an established sales network.

A minimum investment of €1,299 with 10 percent royalties is required to take advantage of the many benefits of this franchise, including area exclusivity, conventions, full support for paperwork and high profit margins.

Colapso Assistance

Colapso Assistance provides a full range of personal services, including home care, housekeeping, meal preparation, and companionship services.

To affiliate with this franchise, an initial investment is required consisting of an entry fee of €750 + VAT and a royalty of €250 + VAT monthly for the first 24 months, which increases €350 + VAT monthly for another 24 months and €650 + VAT monthly from the fifth year onward.

Medea Medica

Medea Medica offers a franchise focused on wellness and health, with a focus on VLCKD ketogenic nutritional protocols for weight loss.

The proposal includes two modalities: a dedicated corner for those who already have a location and a larger center that combines diet and advanced machines for body shaping and metabolic reactivation.

Both formulas offer free training, margin on supplement sales (25 percent for corner, 35 percent for center), exclusive zone assignment, and business plan consulting with zero initial investment. However, to participate, licensed personnel (dietitians, nutritional biologists or physicians) and a location of at least 90 square meters are required,


If you are interested in the Short Rental business, BB24 is the franchise for you.

To be part of this network of specialized property managers, an initial investment of 450 and a monthly royalty of 250 € are required with Return on Investment (ROI) expected to be about 15/25%. In addition, the brand asks its franchisees to have a location of at least 20sqm in which to welcome customers.

Felice Incontro

Felice Incontro, a singles agency operating nationally and internationally, offers a franchise opportunity.

The ideal franchisee should be between 25 and 65 years old and have a 30/40 sq m office (including coworking) and one person to manage it.

The contract, of 5+5 years with the possibility of termination after 2 years, requires a monthly royalty is €240 + VAT and in return offers numerous benefits, including area exclusivity, customized website and ongoing support.


Do you want to start an online city newspaper? With Vivere, it is possible without worrying about technical and bureaucratic management.

This franchise, aimed at cities with a population of 35,000 to 200,000, allows you to earn from local and national advertising. The contract includes a monthly fee of 250 € + VAT for 6+6 years, without royalty, and an initial investment is 900 € + VAT.


YourHostHelper offers comprehensive seasonal rental management services, such as ad creation, calendar and professional cleaning.

The franchise offers an automated and comprehensive business management system with ongoing support and online training with an investment of at least €1,000 and royalties of €250 + VAT.


Todoss is a Tex-Mex-themed ghost kitchen featured on major delivery platforms.

This franchise offers a comprehensive business model, with online training, access to preferred suppliers and ongoing support.

The Todoss Corner Express formula requires an initial investment of only € 999 + VAT without royalties and a location of at least 30 square meters in high-traffic locations such as office or university areas.

For the turnkey package it goes up to €29,900 + vat with 1500 deposit, 60 sq. m. room always in busy spots.

Tutor Web

Another franchise accessible to all is Tutor Web, a digital platform offering a wide famma of services, including logistics, mail, finance and insurance.

With the Tutor Web system, new entrepreneurs can expand their service offerings, implement cross-selling and loyalty strategies, keeping the customer at the center and working with different brands.

If you are interested in starting this business, consider that a full service package can cost from 0 € to 1690 €.

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