Innovative sectors for franchising in Italy

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The franchise market in Italy is experiencing a dynamic growth phase. So, instead of investing in the already established sectors, why not try something more original?

In this article, we explore 10 innovative sectors for franchising in Italy: from e-mobility to unmanned fitness.

Innovative franchises have both advantages and disadvantages over traditional industries.

On the one hand, these franchises position themselves as pioneers in the market, offering products or services that differ significantly from the competition. This allows them to immediately get the market segment they are aiming for.

On the other hand, a less established market may result in gaps in business know-how. In addition, dependence on technology, often found in innovative franchises, can make products or services become obsolete easily.

Today, many innovative sectors are emerging to respond to current trends and consumer needs. Let’s discover ten of them together, with some examples of brands to affiliate with.

Electric Mobility

Rental, charging and maintenance services for scooters, bicycles and electric cars are meeting the growing consumer interest in sustainable mobility. In addition, this type of business has the great advantage of being easy to manage and at the same time not requiring a large initial investment. If you are interested in this type of franchise, you might consider opening a BikeBoom store: the entry fee is free but there are royalties at 10 percent.

Natural products

Sustainable care and beauty products are gaining popularity in Italy. Therefore, opening a new Amaté store could be an opportunity not to be missed. This natural cosmetics brand with high-quality ingredients offers a franchise agreement for 5 years with free renewal and no royalties on sales.

Elderly care

Given and considering that Italy’s population is increasingly aging, health services to the elderly can count on an ever-growing market. Do you want to launch a business in this area? You could affiliate with Colapso Assistance, voted “Best Service Offered by the Lombardy Region Year 2022.” However, consider that it requires an entry fee of €750 and monthly royalties of €250 for the first 24 months, €350 for another 24 months and €650 from the 5th year onward (excluding VAT).

Ghost kitchen

Through intuitive online platforms and efficient delivery fleets, franchises active in delivery are becoming increasingly successful in various industries. In particular, ghost kitchens, commercial facilities designed exclusively for home food preparation and delivery, with no room for on-site consumption or customer service, are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, these activities have very low expenses. For example, to affiliate with Todoss, a chain specializing in Mexican cuisine, you need an initial investment of only € 999 + vat

Sustainable fashion

As environmental awareness in the fashion industry has increased, various brands have decided to offer consumers eco-friendly alternatives, such as second-hand clothing, that made from recycled materials or other environmentally friendly techniques. This is the case with OkiDoki, a network of second hand clothing stores. To open a store, an initial investment of at least €4,500 is required.

Fitness without staff

The wellness industry is offering affordable and increasingly convenient training solutions. Through the use of innovative technologies, such as virtual workouts and automated equipment, franchises are springing up that offer clients to customized, high-quality fitness programs without the need for an on-site instructor. An example of this activity is Fit+, a gym that provides for management with only 5 hours per week of work. To open a store, you need a minimum capital of €50,000 with 20% machine down payment or personal guarantees.

3D Printing

Nowadays, advanced 3D printing technologies make it possible to produce customized and personalized objects with precision and speed. With a wide range of materials available, from plastic to metal, these franchises meet the needs of diverse industries, from manufacturing to creative industries, with full-service design, printing and finishing.

Animal activities

Stores selling food, accessories and pet care products are nothing new. However, nowadays the focus on four-legged friends is going into hitherto unknown territories! For example, Funeral Four Paws offers funeral services for animals. To join this franchise chain requires an investment of 7,900 euros + vat, amortizable within 120 days.

Property management

With the new revenue opportunities offered by short-term rentals on platforms such as Booking and Airbnb, property management is becoming increasingly complex. For landlords and real estate investors who do not want to deal with these issues directly, the best solution is to turn to franchise services that deal with the management and maintenance of leases and rentals. One of these is BB24m, which requires an entry fee of €450 and royalties from €150/month.

Renewable energy

Services specializing in the transition to sustainable energy sources are growing. For example, Pronto Fotovoltaico handles the installation of photovoltaic panels and all administrative paperwork related to this activity. The three-year franchise agreement requires an entry fee of €3,000 (reduced to only €1,500 for the corner formula) and zero royalty on sales.

Are you wondering what are the secrets to making a success of an innovative industry? First, carefully choose the franchise you want to invest in, evaluating the originality of the concept, the support offered by the franchisor, and the adaptability of the business model to the needs of the local market. Once you have selected a brand, carefully follow the guidelines and procedures provided by the franchisor and always remain open to innovation and experimentation. In this way, you will be able to improve and adapt your business to the changing needs of the market, welcoming additional opportunities should they arise.

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