How do you leave your job?

17 May 2023

You’ve made up your mind, you’re about to embark on a new project. As an employee, you are therefore considering resignation or a contractual termination with your employer. Since you want to part on good terms, you think about the best ways to say goodbye to this job.

Before you announce it, in the early stages of your departure or after your last day, here are a few useful tips for making a smooth change and turning your former employers into your allies.

Be comfortable with your decision

Leaving a job is something you have to decide with yourself first.

When you leave a job for reasons of personal preservation, the sooner you make the decision and announce it, the better the circumstances of your departure will be.

When you leave a job that, on paper, is perfect, certain feelings can get in the way. And sometimes, postpone your resignation. Take the time to get comfortable with the idea of leaving. If you don’t mind us saying so, listen carefully to this advice: don’t feel guilty about leaving. As you know, no one is irreplaceable. A project deadline, poor recruitment or an understaffed team are not supposed to keep you in a job that no longer suits you. Rest assured, and keep this in mind: the organization was running before and will be running after you, whether you’re there or not.

Similarly, if you’re very close to your colleagues, leaving your job doesn’t mean leaving them. You’ll have other opportunities to get together.

You have the right to leave, especially when it’s to get out of a situation that no longer suits you. Only you know when it’s time to say goodbye to this job.

At the same time, there’s the question of financial security. Whatever your reasons for leaving, you’ll feel much more at ease if you take a mattress with you. From your current income and expenses, assess your financial needs and how long you can live without insured income. This mix of amount and duration will give you an idea of the mattress you’ll need to feel comfortable with your decision.

Once you’ve marked out these two areas, you can announce your intention to whoever needs to know.

Warn your employer

You have several options for announcing your intention to leave: orally or in writing. We can only advise you to send or hand in a letter of resignation to Human Resources and your manager. If you send it, send it by registered mail. If you hand it in, ask for an acknowledgement of receipt (signature or return document).

You don’t have to give reasons for your resignation; you simply have to express your wish to resign clearly and unequivocally.

In addition, and because you want to leave on good terms, talk to your manager. During an interview, the two of you can talk about your background and motivations, if you feel the need. Talk about the aftermath and make sure everything is good on his side.

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