Entrepreneurs: 6 must-see documentaries

25 August 2022

L’Express Franchise’s mission is to awaken the entrepreneur in you. To do so, take a break and immerse yourself in our selection of informative documentaries for entrepreneurs.

Press Play and let yourself be inspired by these fascinating documentaries.

Inside the brain of Bill Gates

What’s going on in Bill Gates’ head? We’d like to know. Dive into the billionaire’s mind through his own testimony. In this documentary, he invites us to get to know him better, and confides in us about the people who have inspired him and the often ambitious goals he pursues.

The great hack: the Cambridge Analytica affair

By shedding light on the world of data mining, this documentary makes us aware of the value of our data. An awakening that comes through fascinating stories from the staff of the parties involved in the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal.

Abercombie & fith: a brand on the edge

A phenomenon of the late 90s, Abercombie & fith has established itself as the brand for “cool people”. This documentary tells the story of a success story built entirely on the principle of exclusion.

Behind our smokescreens

Alarming, this documentary gives the floor to technology experts and activists. They warn us against certain inventions, notably social networks, which can have a harmful impact not only on our health but also on our societies, sometimes going so far as to destabilize democracies.

Walt before Mickey

Part biopic, part documentary, Walt Before Mickey tells the true story of a boy whose dreams built a kingdom. The now legendary Walt Disney didn’t have an easy childhood, but he showed great determination to overcome the trials that led him to create his first character: the famous Mickey Mouse. A story almost as magical as those produced by Disney today.

Fyre, the best festival ever

The Fyre festival was to offer an exceptional musical experience on an island paradise. An event that will never take place, as its organizer orchestrated the scam of the century. Spotlight on a scandal that crystallizes the shortcomings of an era.


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