When we think of franchising, we quickly think of supermarket chains or restaurants. And yet, this model can be found in a wide range of sectors, some of which you’d never have imagined.

Chocolate shops, spas, art galleries… Here are 5 original franchise concepts to discover on L’Express Franchise.

Iris & Willy Spa: well-being for children

An Iris et Willy spa institute.

The first SPA franchise dedicated to families and children, Iris & Willy Spa was voted best specialized institute in France. Created in 2018, Iris & Willy Spa aims to offer families high-level treatments for a caring, soothing, technical and playful approach. 100% natural, each service is unique and personalized.

This original concept is aimed at families who have lost their bearings, and at parents who are disoriented, looking for support, and having difficulty maintaining family contact. Irish & Willy Spas are places of relief, support, remembrance and sharing. The brand has been developing as a franchisee for a year now, and now has six sites. It aims to open 30 new centers within 5 years.

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De Neuville: the chocolate workshop

A De Neuville boutique.

France is the 5th biggest consumer of chocolate. On average, the French consume over 13 kilos of chocolate per household per year. 83% of French people even consume it at least once a week.

De Neuville is a chocolate franchise belonging to the Savencia group. It has nearly 160 stores throughout France. The brand’s mission is to create bonds and joy through the deliciousness of life. It offers its customers the chance to get together, celebrate special occasions and discover French chocolates and confectionery.

To offer the very best, all De Neuville chocolates are made in France, in Roanne, by master chocolatiers who shape and create pure cocoa butter and palm oil-free chocolates. Confectionery and French specialties are carefully selected from the finest French artisans.

Discover De Neuville on L’Express Franchise.

Carré d’artiste: the first art gallery franchise

A Carré d'artiste gallery.

Carré d’artistes was born of founder Stéphanie Tosi’s dream of making art accessible to all. Since 2001, the brand has been reinventing the art gallery as a place to live, open to all, warm, transparent and uninhibited. It offers eclectic, high-quality collections at fixed prices.

With over 600 international artists and more than 40,000 works exhibited around the world, Carré d’artistes is a creator of emotions and the world’s largest network of art galleries, the first to develop as a franchise. Today, Carré d’artistes has 39 outlets in France and abroad, and aims to expand its concept at a rate of 15 openings a year over the next 5 years.

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Aquatiris: a sustainable wastewater solution

An Aquatiris center.

Aquatiris is a modern franchise network based on a good idea: reinventing a more natural water treatment system. Since 2007, the network has been putting all its expertise into equipping French homes with the best wastewater management solution. Starting out as an innovative phyto-purification solution (purification using plants), the Jardin d’Assainissement has now become a fashionable concept.

In 15 years, the Aquatiris network has become the market leader in ecological sanitation. Today, the company is expanding rapidly, combining profitability and ecology. The network has 65 outlets nationwide, and plans to open 5 new franchises a year to equip 5,000 homes a year within 5 years.

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We Van: adventure

A Wevan truck.

WeVan is France’s No. 1 network for the rental and sale of converted vans and minibuses. The company’s founders discovered van travel while touring our beautiful country. They discovered a way of life focused on the essentials, and a spirit of adventure that would never leave them. In 2010, they set up WeVan in the Paris region with the aim of popularizing road trips in a converted van. Later, they expanded their offer to include minibus rental and, after 2 years in business, created France’s first franchise network in this fast-growing market.

Today, the network has 34 branches throughout France and a fleet of over 700 vehicles. To maintain its leadership, WeVan is constantly innovating, offering new services and expanding its range of converted vans.

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