Why open a home-based franchise?

30 May 2023

Opening a home-based franchise to reconcile professional and personal life is a criterion of choice for some prospective franchisees.

Certain business sectors and franchise concepts are conducive to working from home. These activities, which do not require premises, offer great freedom to franchisees, who can work wherever they like. Leisure, furnishings, business services and consulting are just four of the sectors that give entrepreneurs the freedom to work from home. Here are 4 concepts that don’t require premises.

Tempeos: home-based franchising

Tempeos creates tailor-made benefits platforms to help its 4,500 BtoB customers set up their employee and/or customer loyalty programs.

Working at Tempeos means working at home. In fact, all our franchisees and employees work from home. For those who are willing and able, they can also work in incubators or coworking spaces.

This innovative approach by Tempeos keeps operating costs to a minimum, since a simple vehicle and computer are all they need to carry out their duties. This kind of organization gives everyone the opportunity to manage their working time according to their own personal imperatives and preferences. By offering such flexibility, Tempeos enhances the well-being of its employees and enables them to enjoy an optimal balance between their professional and personal lives. This philosophy of work organization makes Tempeos a modern company, attentive to its employees and ready to innovate to create a fulfilling professional environment.

Bump Games: a 100% nomadic concept

Bump Games is a franchise that revisits leisure sports and makes them even more fun: bubble soccer, laser bump and archery. Founded in 2014, it caters to both professionals and individuals.

Bump Games is a 100% nomadic concept. What does this mean? This means that franchisees don’t have their own premises, so they don’t have a place to welcome their customers. This has a number of advantages. As Romain Billottet, one of the franchise’s co-founders, explains, “First of all, [les franchisés] doesn’t have to be on site all the time, waiting for customers to come through the door. The advantage of being nomadic is that we can work from anywhere. Today, a franchisee located in a large city who is developing properly can have employees and manage his business remotely, as long as there are staff to supervise the activities. In the end, we have very few customer-related imperatives. »

Not only does this organization reduce costs, it also gives franchisees greater freedom in the organization of their daily lives. Bump Games is much more than just a leisure sports franchise, it’s a real way of life, offering exciting opportunities to those who want to combine their passion for gaming with a fulfilling professional activity.

Raison Home: cooking at home

Raison Home was created in 2000 when Claude Raison realized two things. Firstly, he observed that traditional stores represented a considerable fixed burden for industry professionals. What’s more, he realized that to fully exercise their profession, particularly in kitchen design, it was essential to establish a genuine exchange with customers, in the calm of their own homes. That’s how Raison Home became Europe’s first store-free home furnishings network.

Raison Home is a network of kitchen designers who work exclusively in customers’ homes, advising and supporting them in all their interior design projects. Kitchen designers are on the move, and each is the sole point of contact for a turnkey project! This has its advantages: taking the time to respond to real customer needs, understanding the customer’s world (lifestyle habits, style, tastes), and directly observing technical constraints.

This organization enables franchisees to balance their professional and personal lives as they wish, their days being punctuated by customer appointments. Thanks to this approach focused on service and proximity, Raison Home is positioning itself as a benchmark in the field of interior design, offering a unique customer experience and placing franchisee satisfaction and well-being at the heart of its concerns.

GCL Experts-Gestion: work wherever you want

GCL Experts-Gestion is a network of independent consultants who provide innovative, local support to help small business owners manage their cash flow and boost profitability.

Like Bump Games, GCL Experts-Gestion is a franchise with a 100% mobile concept. Unlike traditional franchises, GCL Experts-Gestion franchisees don’t need to own their own physical premises to do business. This innovative approach offers many advantages for franchisees. They are freed from the constraints associated with renting and managing physical space, and can significantly reduce the associated costs. By being nomadic, franchisees also have the freedom to work from any location that suits them, be it the comfort of their own home, on business trips or even in coworking spaces.

This flexibility makes it easier for them to reconcile their professional and personal lives, by adapting their schedules to suit their individual needs and preferences. This enables them to organize their working days in such a way as to optimize their efficiency, while maintaining a healthy balance between their professional responsibilities and their personal lives. This innovative approach to franchising gives GCL Experts-Gestion franchisees greater autonomy and flexibility in managing their activities, promoting their professional fulfillment and success.

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